AllthatSoft shortlisted for GSMA’s Asia Mobile Awards – Best Technology Breakthrough

JULY 14, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – This June 28-30, AllThatSoft exhibited at Mobile World Congress(MWC) 2017 in Shanghai. MWC Shanghai 2017 featured up to 650 exhibitors from across the globe with representative from all facets of the mobile industry.

With its attendance at this renowned industry event in Shanghai, AllThatSoft now expands its business area beyond U.S borders into Asia, the biggest market in the world as well as home to many innovative IT and mobile technologies.

AllThatSoft’s flagship mobile app solution AppServo™ gained much traction not only from attendees at MWC Shanghai but also its technological prowess was recognized as it was shortlisted for GSMA’s Asia Mobile Awards 2017 – Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough in Asia.

AllThatSoft stood shoulder to shoulder on this nomination with other IT giants such as Huawei, ZTE and China Unicom.

** Below is the original article that features AppServo™ on GSMA’s Asia Mobile Awards 2017 – Best Technology Breakthrough in Asia – Shortlist **

AppServo™ stops hijacking of mobile apps through identity theft, code forgery, and reverse engineering. AppServo™ ensures secure transactions by blocking unauthorized access to payment credentials and their managed codes stored on separate devices.

AppServo™’s unique code-splitting technology provides an optimal solution for splitting major system software in head-units or splitting digital car keys in connected car services.

AppServo™ prevents hackers from causing monetary damages to legitimate game users, such as hijacking someone else’s account or stealing other people’s game items.

AppServo™ Personal offers a secure app container for apps that deal with sensitive data.