ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) Managed Service

There are a number of good reasons to choose DefenseNet’s ATP Managed Service. We provide advanced protection to protect against high risks and losses from intelligent, persistent threats and attacks.

Provide Enhanced Security

  • Fast detection & response to attacks through consistent monitoring
  • Fast prevention before impacting business & usage by administration control

Optimize Performance and Reduce Complexity

  • Provide combined technical support to prevent isolated customer support
  • Service optimization by security expert via customized services

Provide Enhanced Security via ATP Platform

  • Early protection from vulnerable attacks from various applications
  • Collect behavioral analysis data to protect from new & hybrid threats
  • Provide robust platform by integrating intelligent threats protection services

Threat Intelligence

  • Collect the latest threat information via Malware Intelligence service
  • Identify malicious code through AllthatSoft AI Scoring model

Our Service Offering – Threat Protection/Intelligence Service

Service Type

Value Added Service Offering

  • Service Offer 1 : Exclusive Enterprise Network
  • Service Offer 2 : Multiple Enterprise Tenants

Service Subscription

  • Application to ISP
  • ATP Service Options / Period;12,24,36 m
  • Contract agreed
  • Monthly Billing Revenue Recognition
  • MNX/Malware Analysis System Enable
  • IT Administrator Training

Service Support

  • Innovative, Easy to Use administration dashboard
  • Machine Learning AI/Behavioral Analysis
  • Robust real-time monitoring
  • 24/7 help desk support