About Us

Our Business

AllthatSoft is a global innovator that provides advanced security solutions to enterprise network and mobile applications.
The company offers a range of solutions including TouchWallet, DefenseNet, and AppServo which are designed to make sure that today’s enterprise network, personal transactions and mobile life are more secure and safer.
From individuals to enterprises who seek to add additional protection layer to their everyday business and personal lives in an ever more complex and vulnerable digitized environment, AllthatSoft can help achieve your security goal.

Our Global Office

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA in the U.S., the company has global offices in Korea and Japan, helping customers in a larger geography benefit from its advanced solutions.

Our Global Intellectual Leadership

AllthatSoft’s innovation and R&D efforts has earned it global patents in the United States, Europe and Aisa. We are committed to continuing our innovation efforts to advance our leadership in security solutions.