Mobile application developers and commercial service enterprises through App interfaces are challenged to protect App users from ever-increasing risk exposure of being easy targets. Level of risks associated to mobile hackings with identity theft, service-hijacking, code-tampering, reverse-engineering have put significant strains on application development works. Our code protection solution can help your work to smoothly avoid such malicious attacks and to significantly enhance product security.

Leading intellectual leadership in code obfuscation and self-randomization technologies, AppServo™ delivers breakthrough mobile app protection capabilities on smartphones. The core code part of the app is split and stored in separate external devices such as smart watch, smart band, and smart card. When your app is running, core code integrates with regular code or executes remotely and independently on external devices. Therefore, AppServo™ solutions can provide more security even if the mobile app is hacked, as it does not work without an external device containing the core code. AppServo™solution can be applied to mobile banking, mobile payment, fintech transactions, mobile games, car sharing, connected cars, IoT services, and personal security.

Self-Randomization Process

Self-Randomization holds international patents in the United States and several European and Asian countries.
It is only available at AppServo™


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Patents Pending

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