AppServo™ Solutions

Mobile application developers and commercial service companies should avoid the risk that their mobile apps will be easily exposed to hacker attacks. The risk associated with hijacking mobile apps through identity theft, stealing services, code forgery, and reverse engineering puts a lot of strain on application development. Our code protection solution, AppServo™, will help prevent these malicious attacks and greatly improve your product security.

AppServo™ for Mobile Banking

AppServo™ prevents identity theft and online fraud by blocking unauthorized access to sensitive personal information such as cardholder names and bank account numbers stored on separate devices.

AppServo™ for Mobile Payment

AppServo™ ensures secure transactions by blocking unauthorized access to payment credentials and their managed codes stored on separate devices.

AppServo™ for Mobile Games

AppServo™ helps prevent hackers from causing monetary damages to legitimate game users, such as hijacking someone else’s account or stealing other people’s game items. It will play a key role in improving your confidence in your game service business and building a sound game ecosystem.

AppServo™ for Internet-of-Things

AppServo™’s unique code-splitting technology can provide an optimal solution for splitting major system software or splitting digital car keys in future connected car services. In addition, it will play a key role in preventing malfunctioning of core software of autonomous vehicles in the future.

AppServo™ for Personal Security

AppServo™ Personal is a self-controlled code protection tool developed using our own self-randomization technology. It is a tool that collects only the core functions of AppServo™ and provides it as a manager app. It provides functions such as individual app container for apps that deal with sensitive data or require privacy enhancement.